Children's jewellery

HappyBulle offers your children the chance to personalise their own jewellery!

Introduce your little artist to HappyBulle and give him the chance to personalise one of our pieces of jewellery all by himself! Just think of the pride he will have when wearing personalised necklace or bracelet personalised with his most beautiful work of art or his first written words around his neck or wrist... 

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Children's cloud jewellery
Children's jewellery in gold plating

Discover our children's jewellery

Discover our children's jewellery and personalise a truly unique piece of jewellery that your child is sure to love. There is something for everyone. Give one of our pieces of children's jewellery on any occasion. For Christmas, a birthday, a baptism or a special occasion, our children's jewellery will be the perfect gift. You can personalise it in a number of ways: engrave one of your child's drawings, one or multiple hand or foot prints, a meaningful date, a short text or indeed an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design. We offer a wide range of childfren's jewellery available in a multitude of different shapes and materials. We offer children's jewellery with a round, cloud-shaped and heart-shaped medallion. We offer children's jewellery in silver, in gold plating, in wood and also in acrylic. Consider our children's jewellery for a baptism, engrave the baptised child's name on the front of the medallion and the date of the event on the reverse side. This is a gift that the baptised child will be able to keep for years to come. We guarantee that he will love it! 

Give a piece of children's first name jewellery

You are familiar with the HappyBulle concept: engrave your child's drawing onto a piece of jewellery. But there's more to HappyBulle than just that! We offer several ways to personalise a piece of jewellery. You can personalise and give a piece of children's first name jewellery. Personalising children's first name jewellery is really simple. Select your jewellery from our range of children's jewellery, then during the personalisation of the children's first name jewellery you select the type of personalisation - "text or first name(s)" and then enter your child's first name and then the font of your choice. The dynamic preview of your text will allow you to view the rendering of the engraving of the first name on the medallion or the children's first name jewellery. The result is astounding. You can choose several models of children's first name jewellery that can be personalised with a first name. We offer various medallion shapes: round, cloud-shaped or heart-shaped. We also offer several different materials for the medallions: silver, gold plating, wood and acrylic. Don't wait any longer - grab your mouse and personalise your children's first name jewellery.  

Personalise your jewellery with children's drawings.

HappyBulle offers a unique concept: personalise a piece of jewellery with children's drawings.We offer a wide range of jewellery to be personalised with children's drawings. Our graphic artists retrieve the lines from the children's drawings and we then engrave them onto the medallion on the piece of jewellery of your choice. Imagine your little one's pride when he sees his mum wearing a piece of jewellery personalised with his drawing every day. It was upon seeing her daughter draw her first stick man that Dorothée, the founder of HappyBulle, has the ideal of offering jewellery personalised with children's drawings. Children's drawings take central role in the happyBulle adventure. We regularly run competitions. In the past, we have previously offered the following competitions: draw your house, draw your family, draw your monster and draw your favourite animal. These competitions reward the winners with €150 of vouchers to spend on the site. We love children's drawings here. So much so that we established the jury prize. We are offering a gift voucher to the little artist who draws our favourite masterpiece. 

Discover our lucky children's jewellery

It is well known that children grow up too quickly! Some of your little darlings have surely had to go through their first back to school period, with varying levels of difficulty... To overcome this transition, HappyBulle has come up with various pieces of lucky jewellery for children. To be worn on their own or as a duo to match mum, all of our lucky jewellery for children can be personalised according to your preference. From the simple personalisation of the cord, to the creation of your children's lucky jewellery from start to finish, as is possible with our "kiss" bracelet in acrylic or solid silver, you will be certain to find something that will please you and your little darling! HappyBulle also offers lucky jewellery for children in order to give them courage from day to day. This is how we came up with the idea to create children's lucky bracelets with luminous cord. If your child doesn't like the dark, he will feel reassured thanks to this lucky bracelet! It's then up to him to personalise his children's lucky jewellery to suit his taste; a medallion in acrylic, in silver or in gold plating, accompanied by a drawing, his first name, a kind word from mum, or even a positive illustration to encourage him! We are sure that your lucky jewellery for children will help them to grow up peacefully!