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Children's personalised bangle bracelet

HappyBulle transforms the designs of your toddlers into personalised bangles for children!

At HappyBulle, even children are entitled to their personalised jewellery! To do like mum, offer your little girl a personalised bangle child bracelet of its most beautiful design. You can also opt for text customisation such as having your first name or initial engraved on one of our pretty cloudstar or round medallions. Whether solid silver or gold plated, our personalised bangles for children are unique gifts in the world to offer to your little girl for Christmas, its next birthday or its communion.

Discover our collection of personalised bangles for children:

All little girls dream of wearing the same personalised jewellery as their mum. This is what HappyBulle offers you by customising engraved bangles for children! Available in gold plated and solid silver, all of our personalised bangles for children are made up of a medallion. Whether your medallion is round, heartcloud or star, all of our children's jewellery can be personalised with the text engraving of your choice. A first name, a quote or a tender little word from mom, etc. Endless customisation ideas that will then be engraved on the personalised children's bangle bracelet of your choice, from our Bordeaux family workshop. If you want to personalise your child's favourite future bangle bracelet from a drawing made with her little hands, we can then advise you to choose one of our 15 mm round medallions. The engraving of your child's drawing, done identically on your silver or gold-plated medallion, will amaze you! These engraved bangle bracelets for children are an original idea of ​​personalised gifts to offer to your little girl for her next birthday, her communion or even for Christmas.