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Children's personalised chain bracelet

HappyBulle transforms the designs of your toddlers into personalised chain bracelets for children!

Simple and refined, fall for our personalised chain bracelets for children. Jewellery worthy of grown-ups that your toddlers will enjoy wearing around their wrists every day. Personalise our pretty medallions in gold plated or solid silver with the engraving of your choice: a pretty drawing made by your little angel, a sweet word or simply his name engraved in one of our nine typographies. These chain bracelets for children are jewellery like no other to offer on all occasions!

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Offer a personalised children's chain bracelet:

Traditionally offered at a baptism or a communion, every occasion is good to offer your child a personalised chain bracelet. Whether solid silver or gold-plated, our personalised children's chain bracelets are as popular with little girls as they are with little boys. These engraved bracelets, composed of a round or cloud-shaped medallion and a thin chain, make these children's jewellery high-quality personalised chain bracelets that your toddlers will never want to leave. And so that these personalised jewellery can be worn throughout your little angel's childhood, these engraved chain bracelets are adjustable in size thanks to the three reminder rings present on the silver or gold-plated chain. Whether your little girl dreams of wearing a real big jewellery like mum or simply as a Christmas or birthday gift, these personalised children's chain bracelets are emotionally charged gifts that all cherubim will appreciate receiving as a present.