Engraved silver jewellery

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into engraved silver jewellery!

Give a solid silver bracelet, engraved and personalised with your child's drawing, his hand print or the text of your choice. Discover our range of customisable engraved silver jewellery: engraved silver bracelets and pendants...Original and hand-crafted jewellery, designed, manufactured and personalised in our small family workshop.  

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Silver jewellery

Discover our engraved silver jewellery for everyone. Choose a Liberty bracelet for a touch of originality and freshness, or a cord for a colourful result. Engraved silver pendants are timeless and sophisticated pieces of jewellery.

Personalise your silver jewellery with a drawing by your little artist. Upload it and we will rework it in order to laser engrave it onto a silver medallion. Engrave one of your little one's works of art onto a piece of personalised silver jewellery and it is sure to be immortalised forever. You can also engrave your youngest's hand or foot prints, for a really sweet piece of personalised jewellery. Engrave your children's first names or their first written words for a unique piece of jewellery that is filled with emotion.

This silver engraved jewellery in elegant and sleek shapes will delight any mum, granny, aunty or godmother. For Mother's Day, engrave a drawing by your little bundle of joy onto a bracelet or an engraved pendant for a lucky piece of jewellery. For Valentine's Day, why not go for a silver engraved heart-shaped pendant… and why not the duo of bracelets for a personalised and romantic gift?

By nature, silver is a precious metal and with great strength. So that you can keep your engraved jewellery overt time, HappyBulle solid silver jewellery is made from 925‰ silver. The hallmark, visible on the reverse side of the medallion, on the inside of the bail or on the clasps of the chain attest to the authenticity.

Give a silver pendant for engraving

Give an engravable silver pendantfor a unique and emotion-filled gift. At HappyBulle we offer several models of engravable silver pendant. There is something for everyone! Choose the size of medallion you like, personalise it and that's the job done! The 10 mm medallion allows you to personalise a small engravable silver pendant. As for the 27 mm medallion, it offers a large surface for engraving. This medallion is perfect for accommodating a child's drawing. The 15 mm medallion is the perfect compromise, not too big and not too small. The engravable silver pendant comes with several lengths of chain. You can go for a short chain, a long chain or perhaps a nylon cord. You will have gathered that the engravable silver pendant is a perfect personalised gift. Mums will love it with a drawing by their little artist. Dads will also be proud to wear their child's masterpiece around their necks.Don't put it off - for guaranteed success give an engravable silver pendant, whatever the occasion.