Engraved stainless steel jewellery

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into engraved stainless steel jewellery!

Give a piece of stainless steel jewellery, engraved and personalised with your child's drawing, his hand or foot print, first names or the text of your choice. Discover our range of customisable engraved stainless steel jewellery: engraved stainless steel bracelets and pendants...Unique jewellery, made in our small family workshop. 

Discover our stainless steel jewellery

Discover our range of stainless steel jewellery in the exclusive made by Happybulle design. You will love our stainless steel jewellery. Stainless steel gives our jewellery a modern and sophisticated appearance that is sure to appeal. Discover our range of stainless steel jewellery and give a unique and emotion-filled gift. There are so many possibilities. You can engrave your little artist's drawings, your toddler's hand or foot print, a sweet word, a meaningful date, a pictogram or indeed an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design. All you have to do is choose the model from among our stainless steel jewellery: a stainless steel bangle bracelet, a pearl bracelet or a pendant. Our stainless steel jewellery is available with various shapes of medallion. You can go for a rounded medallion or a heart-shaped medallion. As a treat for yourself or for someone else, our stainless steel jewellery will make a perfect gift. Give one of our pieces of stainless steel jewellery to mark any occasion: for Christmas, a birthday, a meaningful day or for Mother's Day. We guarantee that she will love it!