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Father's Day gift

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into accessories and jewellery for Father's Day.

HappyBulle wishes a great day to all dads and offers unique gift ideas! Based on a drawing, hand print or your child's first name, you can create a personalised bracelets, pendants or cufflinks that dads will love!  

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Father's Day gift

Emotions will be high on this special Sunday when dad discovers this sweet surprise. He will be proud to wear these accessories, made with love… and the kids will be delighted to have created a unique gift from their drawing! Don't wait to make a beautiful Father's Day gift that will remain engraved on their hearts. All of these jewels and accessories are handmade in a family workshop in Bordeaux... by a mum!

Give dad a gift he will adore

Father's Day is rapidly approaching… Everyone knows that finding a nice gift for a dad is no easy task… he already has everything! However, your dad is the best, and so you must find a gift that is on his level!

This year, surprise him on Father's Day by switching from the standard tie or the book that he will never read, and give him a piece of personalised jewellery that will make his heart melt! Get your child involved by asking him to create a drawing or write a few words for his dad. Engrave it onto a piece of personaliseable jewellery and imagine the joy in his eyes when he opens his present - he won't be expecting this!

HappyBulle offers engraved bracelets or pendants for hip dads. For a unique gift idea that is guaranteed to be a hit, consider customisable cufflinks… What a success! For a useful gift, take advantage of the occasion to create a new key ring for your dad, with a nice little quote of endearment written on it... it will become much more than a simple key ring, it will be HIS key ring.

Doting dads will be truly proud to wear their little ones' most beautiful works of art. And what pride for the little ones to see their daddy wearing their best drawing, or the words they wrote to mark the occasion! Even the toughest dads will be overcome upon opening their gift!