Gold engraved jewellery

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into engraved gold jewellery!

Give a gold-plated bracelet, engraved and personalised with your child's drawing, his hand print or the text of your choice. Discover our range of customisable engraved gold-plated jewellery: engraved bracelets and customisable pendants...Original gold-plated jewellery, designed, manufactured and personalised in our small family workshop.  

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Gold plated jewellery

Personalise your jewellery in order to look jsut like you... isn't it wonderful? Engrave your little one's name, date of birth or a sweet nothing that he whispers in your ear before falling asleep. you are going to create much more than a simple piece of jewellery! HappyBulle offers gold-plated engraved jewellery din every possible style: original with the liberty collection, elegant with a gold chain, or classic with the cords, available in several colours.

A piece of personalised gold-plated jewellery is a safe bet and a timeless piece that will be loved by mums, grannies, aunties or godmothers. For Valentine's Day you can find personalised medallions, engraved bracelets and earrings in plated gold. For a little personal message, consider engraving a sweet word or a symbolic date on the reverse side of the medallion...

For Mother's Day, engrave your little one's most beautiful drawing or first written words for a heart-warming customisable gift. This makes a unique gift for a mum. We offer several styles of engraved jewellery, from the more understated to the more original..

HappyBulle engraved jewellery is made from 750‰ gold, which corresponds to 18 carats. It is also guaranteed nickel and cadmium-free. Gold is the most precious metal, and the alloys used in our gold plating guarantee its rigidity over time. You will find hallmarks on the reverse side of the medallions, on the inside of the bails of the pendants or on the clasps of the chains. The quality of this personalised gold-plated jewellery means you can keep it for the rest of your life.  

Gold personalised pendant

Discover our range of personalised gold pendants and give a truly unique personalised gift. Whether for someone else or as a treat for yourself, the personalised gold pendant will make a perfect gift. Customise your personalised gold pendant as you desire - there are so many possibilities. You can go for various shapes of medallion - the medallion of the personalised gold pendant can be round, heart-shaped, cloud-shaped, star-shaped, an open disc or square. You can also go for various sizes of medallion. The medallion of the personalised gold pendant can be small, with a 10mm medallion, medium with a 15mm medallion or large, with medallions measuring more than 20mm. Give a gold personalised pendant to mark any occasion. For Christmas, for a birthday, for Mother's Day, for Grandmother's Day. We guarantee that the recipient of the gift will melt. Don't wait any longer - grab your mouse and personalise your children's first name jewellery.