Grandfather's Day gifts

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised gifts for grandpas!

Looking for an original and touching gift for Grandfather's day? You're in the right place: HappyBulle has prepared for you a selection of fully personalised and emotion-filled gifts for top class grandpas!

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To touch Grandpa's heart!

Imagine a gift personalised by his grand children? Grandpa's heart will melt! It's simple - at HappyBulle we give you the chance to use your children's designs, their hand prints or even their first written words to personalise a pretty gift that will really touch grandpa's heart. Too often forgotten or stored away forever, masterpieces by children, both young and old, can actually be used to personalise various pieces of original jewellery available in our store: engraved bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks in silver or stainless steel… We also offer an entire range of accessories in stainless steel, acrylicwood or silver, such as personalised key rings, book markspen boxes and notebooks, or even personalised USB sticks for trendy grandpas. Good luck charms that grandpa won't leave anymore! Choose from our special selection of personalised gifts for Grandfather's Day, and then photograph the work of your little artist and send it to us. Our team will process the drawing so as to retain only the line that will then be diamond or laser engraved, for a magnificently accurate result. A heartfelt surprise that is sure to make the next 5 October an unforgettable day!

Grandfather's Day gifts

Grandpas also deserve their special day! If granny gets a gift to mark her special day, there is no reason why grandpa should be overlooked: no jealousy! Grandfather's Day is the chance to come together as a family to enjoy some quality time over a meal.

This year, surprise your dear grandpa with a unique Grandfather's Day and carefully choose a gift that he will really love. HappyBulle has made a selection ofcustomisable gift ideas for you. Why not have your little darlings write "Happy Grandfather's Day Grandpa" or "For the best grandpa"? This could be truly touching on a note book.

There is something to please every grandpa: a drawing on a bracelet or customisable cufflinks for a trendy grandpa, footprints on an engraved key ring for an organised grandpa, a book mark personalised with the names of his grandchildren for a grandpa who likes to read… Grandpas are always mad about their grandchildren, their hearts will melt at this little gesture. Even the toughest of grandpas will be moved to tears to receive a gift personalised by their grandchildren. 

Get ready for Grandfather's Day

Grandfather's Day is almost here and you don't know what to give him? You've come to the right place. Get ready for Grandfather's Day at HappyBulle and give a unique and emotion-filled gift. We offer a full range of perfect gifts for Grandfather's Day: key rings, personalised jewellery, cufflinks and wooden accessories for engraving. Grandpa's heart will melt when he receives a bracelet personalised with a drawing by his grandson, his little hand or foot prints, his grandchildren's first names, a sweet word or an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design. Grandfather's Day is the perfect chance for your children to declare their love for their grandpa. Do it with cufflinks personalised with a drawing by your child or a sweet word written by his own little hand. Does grandpa loose his keys all the time? Take advantage of Grandfather's Day to give him a lovely personalised key ring. These key rings can be made of wood or stainless steel. Grandpa is a keen reader? Take advantage of Grandfather's Day to give him an engraved book mark. He will love the thoughtful gesture.