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Grandmother's Day gift

For Grandmother's Day, give her a piece of jewellery personalised with your child's drawing!

For a truly unique Grandmother's Day gift, HappyBulle offers a host of ideas with which to fill grannies with joy on this very special day. Imagine the joy in receiving a Grandmother's Day gift personalised by her grandchildren!

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Grandmother's Day gift

Imagine a gift personalised by her grand children... What grandmother could resist? At HappyBulle, we specialise in jewellery personalised with children's drawings. You can choose from various ranges. First of all there is our jewellery engraved with your children's drawings, in gold, silver or stainless steel. Don't waste a second and photograph all the graphic drawings of your little artists! Then choose the most beautiful drawing in order to immortalise it on one of our jewellery. You should also consider taking a photo of your children's written words... Why not design a beautiful medallion engraved with "I love you Granny" on the front and your children's first names on the reverse side?!! And because grandmothers also love bright colours, take a look at our customisable jewellery in resin and brass... You are sure to find a necklace or a bracelet to personalise, which will bring delight to your beloved wee granny. And for those on a smaller budget, a personalised key ring, a book mark, a pocket mirror, or a mug personalised by your child will also make a magnificent Grandmother's Day present! With HappyBulle you are certain to please someone at a small price, for a successful Grandmother's Day, a delighted granny and little ones who are proud of their gift!

Gifts for grannies

Grandmother's Day is fast approaching and you still don't have a gift? Forget slippers or another cook book - the traditional old granny is a thing of the past! All year long your granny spoils you (sometimes a little too much). In March it is your turn to give her a customisable gift to tell her that you love her!

This year give something special for Grandmother's Day by creating a personalised gift. Give her the most beautiful piece of jewellery... your own! Accompany the gift with a children's poem, and your little granny will remember this truly unique Grandmother's Day for the rest of her life. She will carefully keep the bracelet, the necklace or the book mark personalised by her grandchildren.

We have thought of grannies who like to sew, those who like to read, well-dressed grannies... and most importantly, your little granny! You will bring tears to the eyes of any proud granny... Your granny is the symbol of love and tenderness for your entire childhood. For her special day, surprise her and make this day unique.

A gift for grandmothers

Grandmother's Day is fast approaching and you still don't have a gift? HappyBulle is there to simplfy the task for you and let you give your grandmother a gift that she will simply adore. We offer a wide range of personalisable gifts for grandmothers. Your grandmother will appreciate receiving a thoughtful gift, made with love. Our emotion-filled gifts for grandmothers are unique and filled with emotion She'll love it, that's for sure! You can personalise your grandmother gift in various ways. You can engrave it with a drawing by her grandchildren, a sweet word, her grandchildren's hand/footprints, an icon or an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design. To ensure that your grandmother will be filled with joy, the range of grandmother's Day gifts is extensive. You will find personalised bracelets, personalised pendants, personalised earrings, personalised key rings and also personalised accessories. There is something for everyone, for every grandmother. So get working on your keyboard and personalise the perfect Grandmother's Day gift.