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When Happybulle meets Mon petit Léon, you get a collaboration full of love!
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Men's personalised pendant

Create personalised pendants for men based on your children's drawings!

Thanks to HappyBulle, you can personalise men's pendants with your children's works of art. Engrave your children's most beautiful works of art, their hand prints or even their first written words onto our stainless steel, silver, bamboo or Plexiglas medallions. And thus produce personalised necklaces that you can lavishly bestow upon any dad!

Discover our men's personalisable pendants

Designed and engraved in our family workshop in Bordeaux, our men's pendants can be personalised according to your preference. Our men's personalised necklaces in silver, stainless steel, bamboo and acrylic are emotion-filled gifts that you can give without a second's thought. Are you looking for a gift for your husband, brother, father or even your grandfather? HappyBulle offers an entire range of men's pendants, which can be personalised according to your preference. From the simple engraved medallion, to the fully engraved men's necklace, to the addition of a silver chain or a stainless steel chain during personalisation, all of our personalised men's pendants are pieces of jewellery that make suitable gifts for any occasion. So as to be sure to cater to every man, we offer various models: round engraved men's personalisable pendants or men's rectangular personalised pendants for engraving - each piece of engraved jewellery that you personalise will be a truly unique gift. When it comes to personalisation, the choice is endless. Engrave our men's personalised pendants with a pretty drawing or illustration, a first name, a date or even a term of endearment. And you can be sure that you will delight your loved one!

Offer the gift of a men's necklace personalised with your child's drawing.

Discover our range of personalised pendants for men: in silverstainless steel, wood or even acrylic, you're sure to find an original gift that will delight any dad! To make his men's personalised necklace a truly unique piece of jewellery, you can engrave your children's first names or dates of birth, their sweet hand prints or even their most beautiful drawings, onto the medallion of your choice. This way their dad can proudly wear a men's necklace around his neck, personalised by his children's own hands! Imagine the joy in their eyes at seeing their dad wearing the men's personalised necklace that they gave him, engraved with their most beautiful masterpiece, on a daily basis! Furthermore, their personalisation, diamond engraved for the men's personalised pendants in silver and stainless steel, or laser engraved for the men's personalised necklaces in bamboo and plexiglas, will be immortalised for life on the medallion. This is what will make this jewellery a truly unique and, most importantly, emotion-filled men's personalised pendant.. There is no way dad won't melt for this men's necklace, personalised with such love!