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HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into mother's day jewellery!

Mother's Day is approaching... how can you pick out the most beautiful gift that will delight mums and touch them deeply? A piece of Mother's Day jewellery or an accessory created by their children's very own little hands of course! 

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Mother's Day gift

Mother's Day is an annual celebration when the mother's relatives secretly prepare a surprise gift... Don't put off getting ready for this emotion-filled day! On this special Sunday, bless every mum with an original gift with a unique concept: the transformation of children's drawings into jewellery! The pride will be doubly felt: by the "artist" child and by the mum who will be moved to be able to wear her little angel's "masterpiece". HappyBulle says "I love you" to all mums with a unique gift... engraved gold and engraved silver jewellery, resin jewellery or accessories featuring their children's drawings, hand/foot prints or their first names! There is something for everyone and every budget. Discover the collection and find THE on-trend gift for Mother's Day! If you still can't make a decision, go for a gift card to the value of €20, €30, €50 or €100 and valid across the entire site. Mum will receive her gift card within 72 hours (valid for 6 months). Here's wishing all mums a fantastic day!

A unique gift

You love your mum, so take advantage of Mother's Day to let her know! What could be a more beautiful gift for a mum than a piece of jewellery personalised by her child. Regardless of whether it's her first Mother's Day, she will literally melt when she sees this little gesture and will wear this lucky charm on her person every day.

For this very special occasion, dads are of course called upon to search out the gift that will capture mum's heart. This year, get the kids involved by choosing a piece of jewellery personalised by their little hands. It's a real team effort that should be conducted in the greatest of secrecy: the dad chooses a model while the children colour a drawing that is full of love for their mum.

There is a perfect gift for every mum: a pendant with the reproduction of a child's drawing, earrings with hand prints or a bracelet featuring her little tribe. Make the right choice and she's sure to adore it. When the day arrives mum will be overcome with joy and very moved when opening her gift, and the little artist will be very proud to see mum wearing one of his drawings on a piece of engraved jewellery. This is a truly unique gift idea for an unforgettable Mother's Day!

Mother's Day bracelet

Looking for the perfect gift for the next Mother's Day? HappyBulle has what you need! Mums will be so moved to receive a personalised Mother's Day bracelet. They will be proud to wear their toddler's design on them on a daily basis. For mums who like originality, give them a Mother's Day bracelet in plexiglas, for example. We love this material with qualities similar to glass, but with greater durability. You will be blown away by its transparency and the extreme precision of the engraving. Why not have your little one's foot prints engraved? The white engraving of this Mother's Day bracelet will contrast perfectly against your skin, revealing every detail. Of course, for those with more classic taste, we also offer a wide range of Mother's Day bracelets in silver or gold plating. Personalise them by selecting your favourite Liberty print or the colour of your woven cord. There is something for everyone. A personalised Mother's Day bracelet is the perfect gift for a successful Mother's Day!

Give a piece of Mother's Day jewellery... Success guaranteed!

Take advantage of Mother's Day to tell your mum that you love her. Give her a piece of Mother's Day jewellery personalised with your toddler's most beautiful drawing and watch her be overcome with joy! Imagine your kid's pride when seeing mum wearing his little masterpiece! You can also personalise your Mother's Day jewellery with first names, a date of birth or the first shaky words written by your little artist - the finished result is really heart-warming. Our Mother's Day jewellery is available in a multitude of shapes and materials such as silver, gold plating, wood and even acrylic. There is something for everyone, and every mum will find a piece of Mother's Day jewellery that will suit her preferences. If your child isn't drawing yet, consider our collections in an exclusive HappyBulle design, - you'll love these pretty acrylic bracelets engraved with the words "Wonder Maman". For an unforgettable Mother's Day, all you have to do is choose from our range of Mother's Day jewellery and that's you done! It's a truly unique and emotion-filled gift idea. 

Consider a Mother's Day bracelet for the best mum in the world!

For a successful Mother's Day, give mums a Mother's Day necklace personalised with your child's first drawing. This is a truly unique gift that will capture a mum's heart. This emotion-filled Mother's Day necklace will become a true lucky charm that mums will always cherish. Our Mother's Day necklaces are available in a host of shapes, and every mum will find a Mother's Day pendant that will suit her style. Whether made from silver, gold plating or plexiglas, these Mother's Day pendants will accomodate whatever design you want: hand/foot prints, a significant expression... Anything is possible! If you are lacking inspiration, we offer illustrations in an exclusive HappyBulle design. Mums will love wearing a Mother's Day necklace in the shape of a heart, personalised with the words "Super Mummy". Don't forget to round off your gift with a pretty silver or gold-plated chain, we offer several sizes so that these necklaces can be adapted to suit any outfit. All you have to do is make your selection and you're done! Any mum will be filled with joy next Mother's Day