Authenticity of our materials



Our jewellery is created from high-quality products that are compliant with the standards prescribed by French legislation. Among others, they comply with the hallmark standard and are supplied with a certificate of authenticity. For advice on their care, consult the Caring for your jewellery page.




At Happybulle, all of our silver jewellery is made from 925‰ silver. Their minimum fine silver content is compliant with that required by law, all with a view to providing you with optimum quality. All of our jewellery also bears two hallmarks, guarantees of their silver content. To avoid impairing the aesthetic appeal and the engraving of your jewellery, these are found on the reverse side of the medallions, on the inside of the bail of the pendants or on the clasps of the chains. Made from quality silver, which gives your Happybulle engraved jewellery a modern and elegant style.




Our gold-plated jewellery is made exclusively from 750‰ gold, that is 18 carats, and is guaranteed free from nickel and cadmium. To prevent them from oxidising, they are covered in a final finish layer of 980‰ gold. The thickness of the gold applied is 3 microns, in accordance with the requirements under French law. All of our gold-plated jewelley is of course hallmarked, which serves as a guarantee of its quality. You will find these hallmarks subtly stamped on the reverse side of the medallions, on the inside of the bails of the pendants or on the clasps of our chains. A hard material that will show off your chosen engraving.




At Happybulle all of our stainless steel jewellery is made from 316L grade stainless steel, in accordance with European standards. This is a hypoallergenic steel, also known as "surgical steel", which guarantees brilliance and resistance to anything you throw at it. Whether combined with leather, anodised aluminium, coloured beads or Liberty fabric, stainless steel really looks the part on our jewellery... give it a try!

  stainless steel




Designed and manufactured in our little workshop from reflective coloured or transparent rigid acrylic, the jewellery from the Acrylic range boldly shows off its design credentials! Round, square, star or cloud-shaped, our acrylic medallions boast wonderful originality and charm. We can even adapt the shape of the medallion to match that of your design. If you want to delve a little deeper, you should know that this is an ultra-durable material that has all of the advantages of glass in terms of brilliance and shine, and yet is unbreakable and very light: it's the perfect compromise. When engraved it reveals a pretty white colour that contrasts nicely against the skin or clothing, for an astounding finish!




Bamboo is the raw material behind all of our creations within the Wood range. If we were drawn towards the use of bamboo for our medallions, this was first and foremost for its aesthetic qualities: its caramel tone gives our jewellery a beautiful natural colour and its very tight grain offers a magnificent polished effect. Engraving darkens the wood and unveils an enchanting mix of tones. It was also for its ecological properties that we turned to bamboo, as it is the only type of wood with a positive eco-balance in spite of its use outside of our borders. Rich in silica, bamboo also has the advantage of being very hard and resistant to water, humidity and heat, making our medallions simultaneously delicate and robust. To try it is to adopt it!


Our mother of pearl jewellery has been created exclusively using Pinctada Maxima pearls. These pearls are cultivated in the South Seas and come either from Indonesia or from Australia, depending on the dimensions. We have chosen to offer mother of pearl medallions as we simply adored their aesthetic quality! Each mother-of-pearl shell is unique. In fact, in addition to their base colour, which can be black or white, each pearl features additional colours such as blue, green, pink, silver or even aubergine. These colours enrich the base colour of the mother of pearl, thus creating unparalleled light reflection and colour! Each medallion is taken from the best part of the mother of pearl and cut and polished manually Whether they are combined with a piece of jewellery in 925‰ silver or an 18 carat gold-plated piece, we are sure that you will love these mother of pearl medallions as much as we do!


Internationally renowned, Majorcan pearls are not taken directly from the pearls, but rather are manufactured using artisanal methods, in specialist workshops. In fact, to produce our Majorcan pearl bracelets requires several steps. The pearls are manufactured from a glass ball. This glass is then heated to obtain the pearls. These pearls are then immersed several times in special baths of lacquer and natural mother of pearl pigments to obtain an opaque, smooth and shiny finish. After this process is complete, the pearls are then mounted onto the bracelets, accompanied by a clasp and a medallion in 18 carat gold plating, personalised according to your specifications. Although these are imitation pearls rather than natural ones, our Majorcan pearl bracelets are a very beautiful alternative to cultures pearls, at an affordable price!