How do I choose my ring size?

If you want to order a ring but do not know your ring size, we have prepared a little guide to help you easily find the right size!

There are different methods by which to determine which ring size to choose: measure the circumference of your finger or the inside of one of your rings, use a ring size chart... You will find a selection of tips below and can choose the technique that suits you best.

I'm measuring my finger circumference.

You don't wear a ring and therefore don't know your size? Don't worry: you can simply measure your finger circumference using a seamstress' measuring tape.

We invite you to follow the steps below in order to take a measurement with precision and simplicity:

  1. Pass the tape around your finger at the largest joint on your finger.
  2. Measure the circumference of your finger at the widest part, without tightening too much.
  3. The length of your finger circumference measured in millimetres corresponds to your ring size.
  4. Consult the table below to determine the ring size that corresponds to your finger circumference!

If your measurement falls between two sizes, we advise that you opt for the larger size.

Finger circumferenceRing size
Maximum 50 mm50
Maximum 52 mm52
Maximum 54 mm54
Maximum 56 mm56

If you don't have a measuring tape to hand, we simply invite you to download and print our tutorial by clicking on the button below: you can thus cut out our paper ruler and take your measuremnt with ease!

I'm measuring my finger circumference

I'm measuring the size of my ring

If you already have a ring you can measure its internal diameter using a measuring tape. The reference table below will tell you the ring size that corresponds to the measured diameter.

However, you should note that this method is only reliable if your ring will be worn on the same finger as the ring that you have measured!

Interior diameter of the ringRing size
15.9 mm50
16.5 mm52
17.2 mm54
17.8 mm56

You can also use our ring size chart to determine your size. To do so, all you have to do is download and print out our guide by clicking on the button below!

I'm measuring the size of my ring