Privacy Policy


The Happy Corp company commits to protecting personal information provided by the web user online. Here we want to inform you regarding the processing and use of your information, with a view to improving our offers and services on a daily basis, while always respecting your rights.

The personal data controller:

The Happy Corp company, a French Limited Company (SARL) with capital of 5000, with its head office located at 23 avenue de l’Argonne, 33700 Mérignac, France, registered with the Bordeaux Trade and Companies Register (Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés (RCS) de Bordeaux) under number 804 884 120 000 010, is responsible for the processing of personal information relating to its custoemrs, under the conditions described within this privacy policy.

Which data is collected by

We collect data when the custoemr makes contact with us. This custoemr contact may take on various forms: when the customer contacts use by email, via a message in an instant discussion or when the customer logs into his personal area on our website.

The personal information that we are able to store is your name, your email address, yoru telephone number, your order reference and your delivery and invoice addresses. We also receive data relating to the via the intermediary of third parties such as our payment service providers, for example.

It should be noted that the customer can refuse to provide personal data that we are requesting at any time. However, by refusing to communicate this information to us, the cannot be granted access to all of the services that we offer on our website. For example, we cannot ship your order to you unless we know your delivery address.


Personal information concerning your customer account:

The mandatory personal information that we request from our customers is as follows:

-          Your surname and first name

-          Your delivery address and your invoice address

-          Your mobile phone number

-          Your email address

-          Your customer account password.

The customer can modify this information at any time by logging into his personal area on


Your personal details:

We may also collect personal data when you contact our services by sending an email or via a live discussion. This personal information might be your surname and first name, your email address, your order number, your telephone number and your Facebook username, if and only if the customer contacts us via the Facebook messaging service.


Your personal information relating to the purchase:

When placing an order on our site, we collect data relating to your purchase. This information includes:

-          Your order reference

-          The details of your ordered products and their personalisation

-          Your method of payment

-          Your surname and first name

-          Your delivery and invoice address

-          The carrier that you have selected and the tracking number of your order


Your payment information:

On our website we offer three methods of payment, which are: PayPal, bank card or cheque. The validation of your method of payment is communicated to us by the payment service providers with whom we collaborate.

The information that we receive via these third partioes are your chosen method of payment and the "payment accepted", "payment error" and "refunded" statuses.

Why does the site collect data?

In accordance with applicable European law concerning the protection of personal data, does not collect information regarding its customers except as authorised by these laws. Hence, we only process our customers data in the situations laid out in this privacy policy. In fact, we use the aforementioned data first and foremost for the processing of our customers' orders.


Processing of orders:

Our customers' data is processed with a view to concluding a sales contract between the latter and our website, This data can also be used when the customer, of his own accord, places an associated service order with our customer service.

Thus, in accordance with our general conditions of sale, this information corresponds to the contract concluded with the customer within the scope of the execution and personalisation of his order, including its payment and shipping. The same applies if the customer wishes to make a complaint or to return his order to us (in accordance with the conditions expressly laid out in Article 9. Right of Withdrawal).

Added to this are automatic transactional emails sent to the customer with a view to informing him of the process of his order, confirming to him that it has been successfully received and successfully shipped. Newsletters can also be sent to the customer if and only if he requests it.

Other sales emails may be sent to the customer, at his request, to inform him that certain products are back in stock. For this to happen, the customer must register his email address for the product(s) concerned.


Commercial prospecting by email:

If the customer no longer wishes to receive commercial prospecting by email, he can let us know at any time using one of the following methods:

-          By clicking on the unsubscribe link in each of our emails

-          On our website, in "My account", by clicking on the "My personal information" section and unchecking the corresponding box.


Vouchers and gift cards: also collects personal data when the customer purchases or gifts an e gift card or when he, having engaged in discussion with our customer service, receives a voucher or credit in the form of a personal code to be entered when validating his next order.

The purpose of this collected information is to avoid fraud and, in the same way, to confirm lawful ownership of the gift codes. The pieces of information that are then collected are:

-          The dates of issue and expiration

-          The value of the voucher

-          The voucher code

-          The name of the recipient

-          The name of the person validating this voucher or e-gift card.

To whom is the collected personal data transmitted?

Always maintaining compliance with applicable European law concerning the storing of personal data, only transmits its customers' data within the limits fixed by these laws. This data is only transmitted to our service providers with the unique goal of preparing and shipping orders under the best possible conditions. As such, these service providers are secure payment agencies and our logistics partners, such as La Poste, DPD ou Chronopost.

Our Trusted Shops partner:

In order to offer our customers a quality service, has concluded a subcontract with its service provider Trusted Shops GmbH, Subbelrather Str. 15C, 50823 Cologne.

The latter collects information regarding our customers who have validated an order on our website,, by means of specific cookies and trackers relating to their order reference. In fact, following their order, our custoemrs receive an email offering them the chance to leave a review of their purchase experience and the recceived product(s). This email contains a like by which to access our Trusted Shops profile, in which all of our customer reviews are stored. The customer cannot leave a review on this page without having received this email. The customer can of course elect not to publish a review on this page and, at the same time, can unsubscribe from these review request emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

As such, the data collected by our Trusted Shops partner is as follows:

-         The date of the order

-          Its reference and the URL of the purchased product or products

-         The total of the order

-          The expected delivery date

-          The method of payment used

-          The buyer's email address.

Furthermore, in order to verify our certification with this organisation, the Trusted Shops Trustbadge has been inserted at the bottom of the page on our site. This allows us to display our Trusted Shops trusted brand symbol and all of our received reviews following receipt of an order by our customers.

When the customer views this Trustbadge, the badge's web server automatically stores a log file stating, for example, the name of the requested file, the customer's IP address, the date and time it was viewed, the volume of data transferred and the Internet service provider that originally granted access. The customer's attention is drawn to the fact that this access data is not used by Trusted Shops. It is automatically erased no later than eight days after the customer finishes viewing the file.

What are customers' rights with regard to the protection of their data?

With regard to the law and the conditions that it defines, you have the following rights with regard to data protection:

-          A right to access the personal data that we process

-          A right to amend and delete this data

-          A right to limit the processing of your data

-          A right to the portability of this data

-          A right to withdraw consentUn droit de rétractation d’un consentement

-          A right to raise a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority

As such, the customer can exercise his rights at any time by sending an email to the following address:

Société Happy Corp – Data Protection

23 avenue de l’Argonne – 33700 Mérignac

Or by email, to the following address:


For how long is customer data stored?

Our customers' personal data remains stored for as long as is necessary for the purposes laid out in this privacy policy, and in particular for the purposes of the execution of our contractual and legal obligations.

For example, stores its customers' transation history to allow them toview their previous orders.onsult their In the same way, also stores their delivery and invoice addresses for the aforementioned orders in order to improve the customer process and render it more fluid.

Management of cookies:

When browsing our website, information relating to our customers' navigation may be stored using files called "cookies", which are installed on the device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.)

The customer is hereby notified of the fact that cookies are not malicious files. They enable the storage of certain information that can be used by our customers the next time they visit our website,.

In fact, we use cookies to provide an optimal experience that is tailored to our customers, in accordance with their personal preferences. In this way, by using cookies, we make sure that our customers no longer have to enter the same information requested each time they log on. These cookies also allow our custoemrs to securely save their user names and passwords, allowing them to access their custoemr accounts. Likewise, the cookies present on allow us to optimise our order process, rendering it more fluid, so that our customers receive their deliveries within the best possible time frame. These cookies also allow our customers to navigate our site more easily, especially when searching for a specific product.

Furthermore, the majority of the cookies that we use are intended to enable or facilitate custoemr navigation, and are therefore essential to the function of our online store.

It should be noted that when first visiting our website, we ask the customer for authorisation to install these cookies. The customer can issue his consent or oppose to their use by configuring his connecting device accordingly. To this end, the custoemr can consult the user guide for his web browser:

-          For Internet Explorer

-         Forr Safari

-          For Google Chrome

-          For Firefox

However, wishes to inform the custoemr of the fact that blocking or deleting these cookies may have negative effects on the quality of the browsing experience on our website. In fact, these actions can have a negative effect on a user's ability to access and make use of our services, since, as previously mentioned, these cookies are necessary for the proper function of our online store.

Amendments to this privacy policy:

In an effort to always ensure an optimal, high-quality service for our customers, amendments to this privacy policy may proove necessary. We therefore recomment that you re-read this policy from time to time.

Should you have any requests or queries regarding this privacy policy, you can contact our custoemr service at the following address:, or by post at the following address:

Société Happy Corp – Data Protection

23 avenue de l’Argonne

33700 Mérignac