Black Friday

To mark Black Friday, HappyBulle is offering a voucher to the value of 20% of your order!

For example, if you spend €100, we will give you a €20 voucher to use on your next order!

Your voucher will be generated when your order is shipped. That is, 24 - 48 hours after you place the order.

You will then receive an email with your voucher and it will appear in your customer account.


How does it work?

Select and personalise your jewellery and/or accessories. Then go to your shopping cart to validate your order.

At the bottom of your shopping cart you will see a Black Friday side bar stating the amount of your future voucher, corresponding to 20% of the value of your shopping cart.

Black Friday voucher

If everything is OK, validate your cart and proceed with the payment for your order as usual.

Thereafter you will rceive various emails indicating the progress of your order:

- an order confirmation email

- an email confirming your payment,

- an email informing you that your order has been shipped.

When your order has been shipped, you will receive a new email entitled "New discount for you!" corresponding to the voucher that you have generated as a result of your order on Black Friday.

Your voucher will only be available from teh moment your order leaves our workshop.

Black Friday voucher

You can also find your voucher in your customer account on by going to "My account", and then to the "My discount vouchers" section.

Credit and discount vouchers

How do I use my voucher? 

To use your Black Friday voucher when placing your next order, select the products that you wish to order, then go to your shopping cart.

Before validating your purchase, you can use your voucher immediately using the "Discount code & gift card" field.

The stated discount will be applied instantly.

Discount code and gift cardBlack Friday CodeBlack Friday voucher total

Conditions of use:

Your voucher will be valid for 1 year and can be used on all products on our website (excluding promotions and gift cards) on purchases over €20 (excluding shipping fees).

You should also note that this cannot be combined with other vouchers or loyalty points.

Happy shopping!