What is HappyBulle?

In the beginning, the HappyBulle adventure was a family success:

Who are we?

The Happybulle family consists of...

THE MUM: In 2011 Dorothée, then a young mum to 2 little girls, created HappyBulle out of her living room. The concept was simple but unique: you transform your children's drawings into jewellery! It immediately caused a stir! 3 years later and Dorothée was a mum to 3 little princesses and HappyBulle had more than 150 products, sparkly new premises, a new website and a head full of project ideas!

THE DAD: At the head of an exclusively female family, it was only natural that Jérôme developped a passion for creating personalised jewellery! An artisan engraver in his spare time and with more than 15 years of experience in web development, he provided Dorothée with endless support right from the very start of the adventure. HappyBulle is their 4th baby!

THE BIG SISTER: Valentine, born in 2008. It's almost as if she was born with a pencil in her hand! HappyBulle exists thanks to this budding little artist, who from the age of 2 set about expressing herself through art, to the great delight (and pride) of her parents! The 1st piece of HappyBulle jewellery coincided with the 1st potato man created by Valentine!

THE MIDDLE SISTER: Louison, born in 2010. Drawing isn't so much her thing! But splashing her hands around in the paint, that she loves! So to stop her becoming jealous, something had to be found... And this is how the hand and foot print range was born! Thank you my Louison ;)

THE LITTLE SISTER: Aimée, born in 2013. The littlest of the tribe, but by no means the least! A little tornado on all fours who bosses her sisters around! While pregnant with Aimée, Dorothée wanted to prepare a really pretty and cosy nest for her baby... But it couldn't be like every other: a personalised design or nothing at all! Not one, not two, but the entire Fashion & Design collection was created to mark the occasion, and the big sisters were able to welcome Aimée with a little baby grow designed by Louison and a pretty cushion made by Valentine!

THE CAT: Charlie, our happy Cat!

Today HappyBulle is a dream team, at your service!

  • Dorothee - Founder of Happybulle Dorothée Founder

    She is the one who creates the products and drives the Happybulle community forwards.
    She has a new idea every 5 minutes.

  • Jerome - Cofounder of Happybulle Jérôme Cofounder

    The website is his thing... and planning.He is a little maniac.

  •  Marion Assembling workshop manager

    Don't be afraid, she carefully checks all your orders before they are shipped!

  • Charlotte - Engraving and assembly Charlotte Assembling workshop manager

    She's the one who takes care of the laser engraving and assembles your jewellery. She is too good!

  • Thierry Technical director

    Always on the lookout for new ideas, he makes sure that your experience on our site is always more enjoyable.

  • Audrey Marketing Manager

    She is the facilitator of the site! She is never short of inspiration when it comes to making you happy.

  • thomas.png ThomasDirector of Operations

    His little hobby? Excels files. He observes, analyzes and meets new strategies in place.

  • pauline.png Pauline  Charge customer

    She is the one who, throughout the year, makes every effort to best meet your expectations! She bends over backwards to satisfy you!

  • mirentxu.pngMirentxuCustomer service manager

    By email, chat and phone, she bends over backwards to answer as many of your requests as possible.

  • meilissa.pngMélissaGraphic designer

    She handles creative software like no other. A true artist, with big blue eyes.

  • linea.pngLinnéa

    Engraving and makingThe sweet Lili is there to engrave and make your prettiest orders 

  • laura.pngLauraEngraving and assembly

    She meticulously makes all your jewellery and lovingly packs them in their little green box! 

  • mathilde.pngMathildeEngraving and making

    Little Mathilde with fairy fingers, engraves and wraps all your little jewels and accessories with delicacy.