How does it work?

1. I take
a photo

Take a photo or scan your child's drawing, hand print or writing.


2. I personalise
my jewellery

Choose your favourite piece of jewellery or accessory and use the personalisation form to send your child's drawing, or enter the text of your choice. Then finalise your order.

3. I receive
my jewellery

Within 10 days you receive a truly unique piece of jewellery directly to your letterbox or collection point.


A felt tip pen darwing is best!
The final result is better with drawings in felt tip pen. To avoid losing any details, avoid drawings in pencil or crayon.

You're best to work on white paper.
Avoid squared or dark-coloured paper.

Send good quality photos.
Avoid taking a photo that is dark, too small, blurred, in shadow, in black and white or in poor resolution. You should ideally scan your drawing if possible.

We do not engrave photographs!
In order to engrave your little one's tiny foot onto your medallion, send us a footprint made with paint or ink on a white sheet of paper: this works best and ensures a superb result when engraving! Avoid footprints made in putty.
We cannot reproduce portrait photos. Instead ask your budding artist to create a drawing of his or her family!

How do they do it?

The HappyBulle team creates your jewellery and accessories according to your specifications. When you send a drawing, it is processed by our graphic designers so as to preserve only the lines.

Depending on the materials used, several engraving techniques are called on:

Gold, silver and stainless steel jewellery and accessories: the lines of the drawing, the writing, the text or pictograms are diamond engraved for a finish that will not alter over time.

Jewellery and accessories made from acrylic and wood: the lines of the drawing, the writing, the text or pictograms are laser engraved for an outstanding, accurate finish.

Press accessories: The line of the drawing is printed in black on a coloured background, then integrated into our press accessories. You can also choose to retain the original colours of the drawing.

Which file should I send?

So you've photographed your child's drawing, but you have doubts regarding the quality of the file? Don't worry: with the summary table below, you can determine whether your file will produce an optimal finish when engraved!

Optimal file

Go for a drawing in felt tip pen, which contrasts nicely against the page. Make hand or foot prints with paint: it's the best! Send us a good quality file. If you can, scan the drawing!

Files to avoid

Avoid: hand/footprints in putty, drawings in pencil or crayon, shady or blurred photos, squared or coloured paper, photos in black & white, photos that are too small or in poor resolution!

Files not supported

We do not reproduce photographs!

A truly unique piece of jewellery!

Happybulle jewellery is 100% customisable! We offer several types of personalisation:

Drawing personalisation: you can send us a drawing, a hand/foot print or whiting that you have photographed or scanned. On our press accessories you can choose the "non-retouched drawing" method: all we do is enhance the beautiful colours of your drawing by eliminating annoying marks and shadows!

Text personalisation: you can enter a text or a first name, within the permitted character limit. You can choose from 11 exclusive fonts. There is something for every taste!

Text + pictogram personalisation: you can enter a date or a first name, and combine it with a choice of charming pictogram. You can of course also choose the font.

Personalisation with an illustration of your choice: you can choose from around one hundred illustrations, "Made by Happybulle" and categorised by theme! Discover them by clicking here!

Finally, you can choose the number, the material and the shape of the medallions, the colour of the bracelets, the type of clasp and choose engraving on the front only or on the front and the back side.

Personalise with your drawings,
writing or hand/foot prints...

drawings, writing, hand/foot prints

enter your text
& add a pictogram...

text or first names & icons

or choose one of our


A few ideas

Don't miss a single drawing!

Kids draw everywhere, and all the time... On a wall, on a tray, on a scrap of paper... Their most beautiful works are often very spontaneous and ephemeral. So don't put off capturing them in a photo. Using your phone will do just fine.

Give a hand or foot print a try!

If your child can't draw yet, consider making a beautiful print. To do so, use slightly diluted paint, which should be applied generously onto your child's hand or foot. Then press firmly onto a white sheet of paper... job done! You might also like to take their fingerprint: this looks simply magnificent on a medallion!

Immortalise their first written words!

What could be more adorable than "I love you mummy" written in shaky handwriting? Consider taking a photo of their first written words, you'll thank yourself later. You can then create a piece of souvenir jewellery of inestimable value!

The things children say!

"Words fly away"... and the funny and sweet expressions of their childhood are so quickly forgotten. So think about noting them down in a notebook or in your phone, so that you can then personalise a piece of jewellery, a key ring or an accessory. A great gift idea for grandpa!

A medallion for every age!

First a beautiful scribble, then the first stick man, and finally mum and her big tummy... A medallion for every age. And don't forget the first name and date on the reverse side of the medallion.

Struggling for inspiration?

Happybulle offers more than one hundred exclusive illustrations that can be engraved onto your medallion! Go for your favourite illustration in the theme of your choice - there is somethign for every taste. Star sign, family or even a special occasion: the choice is yours! Discover them by clicking here!