The engraving typographies of Happybulle

To engrave your most beautiful jewelaccessory or personalised keyring, we offer different typographies, all more elegant, original and delicate, one than the other. You can personalise your jewel and your accessory as you wish! Burn a first name, a date or even a small text. Choose the typography of your preference to personalise the front of your medal. You can also customise the back! What could be more beautiful than a simple "I love you mom" or a "you are the best dad in the world" engraved with your favorite typography? And for grandma? Nothing could be simpler, the names of her little children engraved on a pendant will make her happy for sure! You just have to choose your jewelaccessory or Key ring to personalise


A common typography that is familiar to you with its light and regular letters. Choose this font and personalize your jewelry with simplicity and elegance.


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A classic and essential font. This typography often copied but never equaled will be perfect to engrave your prettiest medals. It remains traditional but with letters marked with a strong character.

2 -classique.png

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A timeless in the egraving of jewelry. This edlicate font combines calligraphy, harmony and beauty. It will make your personalisations magnificent and you medals unique in the world.


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Are you looking for a fun and cute font? For you or your children? You found it! Perferct in its imperfection, recalling the wrintings of your little ones. You will love it.


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Moderne, is a Handwritten stick font with fine and light lines. Unlike classic bat typographies, it is delicate and original with its slender letters. It will be ideal for engraving your prettiest first names or even dates taht are important to you. Only exist in capital letters.


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A modern calligraphy typography full of sweetness. It will be perfect to add a little romance and charm to your medals. A real favorite !


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Typewriter american

Here is a typography that immerses you in the world of typewriters. An old style updated. With its atypical letters and a retro twist, this font transports us and makes each personalization bolder.

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With the handwritten font, make your personalization unique. Authentic typography, as if your first names or your text were engraved with your own hand. There is nothing more beautiful.


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Chic is a classic font. Simple and distinguished, it will be very elegant and will bring out any engraved message. You just have to adopt it.


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Light and so soft, here are the two words that most represent the perfect ... It's a calligraphic font in a "handwritten" style. Recalling school typographies, it has been modernized and airy to give it this unique lightness. It will be perfect for personalizing your jewelry and accessories.


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Inspired by traditional calligraphic writing mixed with a touch of magic, this typography brings a luxurious note. This is a vintage font of rare elegance that will sublimate all your jewelry.


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All typographies

Here is a nice summary of all typographies of HappyBulle. All you have to do is choose yours! On each product, an overview is presented to you when you enter your text and select your typography.   

12-exemples polices

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Our pictograms

To accompany all your most beautiful texts or first names, Happybulle offers you to add a nice pictogram with an exclusive and unique design in the world.

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