Personalised bracelet

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised bracelets!

What could be more original and precious than a personalised bracelet with your child's drawing? HappyBulle offers a full range of silver, gold, stainless steel or mother-of-pearl bracelets, which you can personalise with your little artist's most beautiful work of art. 

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A truly unique bracelet

Classic and stylish, discreet and elegant or else bright and colourful bracelets. There is something for everyone! Discover our men's, ladies' and children's bracelets. Hand-crafted jewellery, manufactured and personalised in our small workshop. With HappyBulle it's easy, choose your favourite bracelet, then your type of personalisation. You can upload your child's drawing or hand/foot print, and the HappyBulle team will process it so as to retain only the line that will be engraved or printed on a coloured background. You could also consider photographing their first written words - it's so cute with spelling mistakes and shaky writing... If your child cannot draw yet, you can write the text of your choice, for example something he said to you that made your heart melt, or even his first name or date of birth. A bracelet personalised by your child is simply the most beautiful of gifts. A lucky charm jewellery that you will always cherish and make people jealous! A personalised gift that is filled with emotion, to give for Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday or Valentine's Day.