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Personalised chain bracelet

HappyBulle allows you to transform your children's drawings into a personalised chain bracelet

Fine and delicate, HappyBulle offers the chance to personalise an entire range of chain bracelets in silver or gold plated. You can personalise the traditional round medallion on your chain bracelet with your toddler's most recent work of art, or choose to engrave a first name or even a pretty illustration onto our personalised chain bracelets in the shape of a cloud or a target. Play around with it!

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Personalise your chain bracelet

With their exclusive HappyBulle signature design, our chain bracelets can be personalised according to your preference for truly unique pieces of personalised jewellery! Consisting of a medallion in gold plating or  silver, in a round shape, an open disc shape or even a cloud shape, our personalised chain bracelets are the perfect way to carry your child's last drawing, his first name or even a little term of endearment on your person. In addition, all of our personalised chain bracelets are adjustable to suit any wrist, thanks to their fine chain with three rings for three different lengths. Likewise, thanks to their design especially created for our HappyBulle.com website, and thanks to the quality of our diamond engraving technique, allowing your personalisation to remain intact over time, our personalised chain bracelets are a beautiful alternative to traditional chain bracelets. And given the quality and delicacy of their medallions, our personalised chain bracelets are a perfect gift idea for any ladies who like subtlety and simplicity. Find the personalised chain bracelet that corresponds to your style and personalise it with your little one's masterpiece. Dead easy!

Give a personalised first name bracelet

Do you want to give a truly unique first name bracelet? Discover our range of first name bracelets, which you can personalise according to your preference. For a personalised gift that is filled with emotion, choose the shape of your medallion that will make up your chain bracelet: round, cloud-shaped or open disc, then personalise it by engraving the first names of your children or that special someone. This way, your chain bracelet transformed into a personalised first name bracelet will become a genuine good luck charm, which we are sure will never leave your wrist. It should be noted that, like our entire range of HappyBulle jewellery, our personalised chain bracelets as well as our first name bracelets can be personalised on both the front and the reverse sides. In addition to selecting the font of your choice for you personalised first name bracelet, you can also have it engraved with a pretty and exclusive illustration on the front of the medallion. Or you could also have it engraved with your favourite quotation by the person who will be wearing this magnificent first name bracelet, which has been personalised with love! Don't think twice - give a personalised first name bracelet to one of your loved ones. Christmas, Mother's DayValentine's Day or even for a birthday, any occasion is a good opportunity to wear a sublime personalised first name bracelet in silver or gold plating.