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HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised Christmas gifts!

For Christmas, give a gift personalised with your child's drawing! What more beautiful gift for a granny or grandpa than a pretty piece of jewellery or an accessory engraved with their grandson's drawing? Melt mum's heart by giving her a magnificent bracelet personalised with the hand print of her cherished little ones. And don't forget dad's Christmas gift, with a pair of engraved cufflinks, or a pendant personalised by his little artist. There are also personalised gifts for the kids, with a complete range of custom jewellery for little wrists.

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Christmas gifts

It's beginning to get cold outside and the days are getting shorter? Christmas is fast approaching… Is the idea of trawling through department stores searching for a dozen gifts for all the family giving you a headache already? This year forget about impersonal gifts and choose a piece of personalised jewellery for all the family! It's a really sweet gift that will delight the whole family.

For a mum, go for a bracelet, earrings or an engraved pendant... she is sure to be moved upon opening her present. For a dad, have a look at the bracelets, cufflinks or other personalised medallions... very stylish for a trendy dad! Granny and grandpa will adore the key rings and book marks personalised by their grandchildren. They will really go mad for them...

Engrave little ones' names, their hand or foot prints, a drawing or a meaningful word to surprise loved your ones and spoil them as they deserve! Why not have your eldest child draw the whole family? It's so moving.

HappyBulle personalised jewellery for young and old, it's like nothing you've ever seen before! For a unique and emotion-filled Christmas Eve night, give a personalised Christmas gift that will surprise the whole family. The budding artist will be truly proud to see the entire family wearing his drawings.

Personalised Christmas gifts

Christmas is approaching and you have to do the gifts? HappyBulle is the perfect place to create a personalised Christmas gift for each member of the family. Go for a personalised Christmas gift: we suggest our personalised jewellery and accessories. There is something for everyone. Mums will love receiving a pretty pendant personalised with a drawing by their child. Dads will also be delighted to receive a piece of jewellery personalised with a drawing by their toddler as a Christmas gift. At HappyBulle there are so many possibilities - our range of personalised Christmas gifts is completely personalisable. You can engrave hand/foot prints, terms of endearment, first anems, dates or illustrations in an exclusive HappyBulle design onto our medallions, our key rings and our accessories. For grandpa, consider a cute pair of cufflinks or a really sweet key ring as a personalised Christmas gift. For chefs, our pretty engravable chopping boards will make a perfect personalised Christmas gift! For your busier loved ones, consider our office accessories or stationary. We guarantee that your loved ones will adore their personalised Christmas gift.

Discover our Christmas jewellery

Are you looking to find an unforgettable Christmas gift for your loved ones? Discover our Christmas jewellery and give a gift that your loved ones will remember for years to come. Our Christmas jewellery is fully personalisable. We offer bracelets, pendant, earrings and cufflinks. Like all of the jewellery on our website, our Christmas jewellery can be personalised to suit your preference. You can engrave your little artist's drawings, your toddler's hand or foot print, a sweet word, a meaningful date, a pictogram or indeed an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design onto our Christmas jewellery. Consider personalising the reverse side of our Christmas jewellery to let your creativity run free. The Christmas jewellery is available in several materials, such as silver, gold plating, stainless steel, plexiglass and wood. You will find Christmas jewellery in the shape of a heart, a cloud, a star, square, round or an open disc. You will have gathered that our Christmas jewellery will be the perfect gift to show that you have made a particular effort.