Personalised cufflink

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised cufflinks!

Give the gift of silver-plated cufflinks, engraved and personalised with your child's most beautiful drawing, his hand or foot print, his first name, his date of birth or even the text of your choice. Original engraved jewellery that will melt any dad's heart!

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Offer the gift of personalised cufflinks, and melt dad's heart!

How do you melt a dad's heart? It's simple, give him a pair of personalised cufflinks! Easy to wear, their classic and elegant designs allow them to adapt to any suit. The fine and delicate engraving offers an exceptional finish and showcases your children's most beautiful drawings. To add a touch of originality to dad's outfits, HappyBulle suggests that you make your personalised cufflinks a little different by choosing to engrave a hand or foot print on one and a first name on the other, for example. Anything is possible with these cufflinks available in various shapes. Dad's hearts will melt when they discover their cufflinks personalised by their little ones. Imagine the pride your little artist will feel to see his dad wearing his masterpiece! Giving a pair of cufflinks is sure to score points with grandfathers! 

Personalised cufflinks for Father's Day!

And here's a wonderful idea: give the personalised cufflinks to your dad to mark Father's Day! Finding THE great idea that will make dad's heart melt on Father's Day is not easy when dad already has everything... However, HappyBulle has found the solution by offering personalisable cufflinks, available in three shapes: round, ovals or even rectangular personalied cufflinks. These personalised cufflinks will add a touch of elegance and boldness to dad's suit. Diamond engraved, these silver-plated cufflinks will accommodate your children's most beautiful works of art: their first drawing, their hand or foot prints or even their first written words, engraved on our beautiful personalised jewellery, to keep for ever. These personalised cufflinks are the perfect gift for dads who already have everything. Consider them for next Father's Day!