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Personalised jewellery

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised jewellery!

Say goodbye to lacklustre gifts! Wear jewellery in bright colours! HappyBulle offers you the ability to personalise an entire range of gold, silver, stainless steel, wooden or acrylic jewellery, in flashy, pastel or classic colours. Personalised jewellery with your children's drawings, their hand/foot prints or their first written words.

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Valentine's Day selection

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What better gift idea than a piece of jewellery personalised with a first name! Whether it's engraved onto a bracelet, a pendant or a ring, any woman would be delighted to receive a piece of jewellery personalised with a first name. Emotionally charged, engraved jewellery allow you to wear the name of a loved one on your person each and every day. Whether this jewellery is for you or as a gift, it makes a personalised gift that is full of love and tenderness. Nothing could be simpler than making your first name bracelet or pendant a truly unique piece of jewellery! Enter the name or names that you want to have engraved onto the medallion of your choice, then select your favourite font from the nine offered on our site. The engraving, either diamond or laser depending on the selected material, will surprise you with its incredibly delicate finish. With Mother's Day approaching, you can make any mum's heart melt by offering them a piece of first name jewellery personalised with the first shaky words written by their children. The finish, identically engraved onto our round or heart-shaped medallions is so moving!

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Surprise your loved ones by giving them a piece of jewellery personalised with your toddler's most beautiful drawing. Imagine your kid's pride when seeing mum wearing their first stick man on her wrist. Dads will be touched to receive a bracelet personalised with the first shaky "I love you daddy" written by their toddler. We offer a wide range of personalised jewellery, available in a multitude of different shapes and materials: gold plating, silver, stainless steel, plexiglas or wood. There is something for every taste and every desire! Whether you choose a piece of jewellery in silver or in wood, you will be astonished by the engraving and the extreme precision of the details. If they don't know how to draw yet, give a piece of jewellery personalised with his hand or foot prints, the result is so sweet! You can of course also personalise your jewellery with a first name, a meaningful date or a short expression that is close to your heart. And if you are lacking inspiration, we offer a wide range of illustrations in the exclusive made by HappyBulle design. You will find animals, fun illustrations and even short quotations. Little girls will love wearing a piece of jewellery personalised with a little fairy or a unicorn, while mums will be proud to receive a bracelet engraved with the words "Super Maman". These pieces of personalised jewellery will become genuine lucky charms that you will want to wear every day. In addition to being truly unique, this personalised jewellery is filled with emotion. By offering personalised jewellery, you are sure to bring joy. All you have to do is make your selection!