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Personalised key ring

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised key rings and engraved accessories.

Give the gift of a key ring engraved with your child's drawing, or a key ring personalised with their hand print or their first written words. Choose from among our key rings and accessories in stainless steel or wood. For a personalised gift, at an affordable price!

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The perfect gift

Engraved key rings in stainless steel, wood or even coloured and personalised in plexiglass. Hair accessories, pocket mirrors, badges, magnets, bag charms or book marks. Personalised gifts for men, women and children. You're spoilt for choice! All of our accessories and key rings are personalised in our small family workshop. To place an order, all you have to do is upload your child's most beautiful drawing. The HappyBulle team will re-process it so as to only retain the lines that will be diamond engraved or printed onto a coloured background. If your child can't draw yet, consider making a beautiful hand or foot print - the result is superb! You can also engrave a text, a first name or a date of birth. The perfect gift for Father's Day, Grandfather's Day or a birthday. A personalised gift at a low price, to say thank you to your teacher or nanny!


Discover our range of personalised key rings in the exclusive HappyBulle design. Lasers allow us to cut the key ring into any shape, such as the motorcycle key ring or the car key ring. The extreme precision of the laser offers a high quality of engraving. The finish will astound you! Our range of engraved key rings is divided into two materials, plexiglas and wood. These materials both offer exceptional qualities. Plexiglass, available in a wide range of colours, offers engraving that contrasts subtly and showcases your children's pretty drawings. On wood, the engraving is darker in colour and produces beautiful caramel tones. For those on a low budget, we also offer exclusive collections of key rings, such as our family key rings and their loving messages, or even our origami, animals or fantasy collections. You will love their exclusive design, made by HappyBulle.