Personalised men's jewellery

Personalised men's jewellery and bespoke cufflinks with your children's drawings.

Dads also deserve heartfelt personalised gifts! Discover our range of key rings, cufflinks and personalised men's jewellery ready to be embellished with your children's drawings. 

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Personalised men's jewellery

Discover our range of Men's bracelet, necklace and cufflinks, in silver, stainless steel or epoxy resin. All hand-crafted jewellery is manufactured and personalised in our small family workshop. Proud dads can wear personalised jewellery too! Choose from amongst all of our customisable accessories and men's jewellery, then upload your little artist's drawing. The HappyBulle team will reprocess the image so as to only retain the lines that will be diamond engraved or printed onto a coloured background. If your child can't draw yet, consider capturing one of his hand or foot prints - aren't they the sweetest thing? Proud dads can discreetly wear their children’s most beautiful work of art! This personalised accessory will accompany dad throughout his day like a good luck charm! Choose a thoughtful and creative gift, not to mention at an affordable price, for Father's Day, Valentine's Day or a birthday!

Gift ideas for dads

If you are out of ideas for next Father's Day, HappyBulle has what you need! Discover our range of jewellery and accessories for men. Transform your toddler's first drawing into a thoughtful gift like a men's bracelet personalised, for example. You will be sure to melt any dad's heart! For Valentine's Day, why not give your partner a men's bracelet personalised with the date on which you met or your first names - it's a small gesture, but oh so heart-warming. For men who wear suits, consider our personalised cufflinks - they will add a touch of originality to their outfits. You can personalise them with a first name, an expression that is meaningful to you or even your little one's foot prints. You can be sure that your other half will love these personalised cufflinks. Dads will also appreciate our men's personalised pendants, available in silver, plexiglas or wood. You can personalise them with one of our illustrations in the exclusive HappyBulle design.