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Personalised pendant

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised pendants!

With Happpybulle you can personalise an entire range of necklacespendants and chains with your children's drawings. Discover our range of personalised necklaces, whether classic and discreet or a touch more flashy. Silver, goldstainless steel or mother-of-pearl pendants, original and easy to wear. 

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A necklace brings joy

All of our hand-crafted jewellery, manufactured and personalised by hand in our small family workshop. More than a personalised necklace, this is a real lucky charm that allows you to have your little one's most beautiful work of art with you every day. HappyBulle offers various options for personalisation. You can upload your little artist's drawing or hand/foot print, and the HappyBulle team will process it so as to retain only the line that will be diamond engraved or printed on a coloured background. You could also have your child write a few words, which you can photograph and then send to us. As you will see, the result is superb! For babies, you can personalise your necklace with the text of your choice, his first name or date of birth. Make it personal. The more unique is the necklace, the more you, or the lucky recipient of this heartfelt gift, will cherish it. This personalised gift suits many occasions, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or a birthday. 

First name pendant

Your whole family will love these first name personalised pendants. Mums can elegantly wear their children's first names engraved on a beautiful heart-shaped pendant. To round off this pretty gift, we offer various sizes of chain in silver or in gold plating, as well as an adjustable woven cord. These personalised first name pendants adapt to every wish and every outfit! Children will love our range of personalised first name pendants in the shape of a star or cloud, in our exclusive Made By HappyBulle collection. Available in gold plating or in silver, these personalised first name pendants adjust perfectly to the size of your toddler's neck. As for the dads, give them a men's personalised pendant with their children's first names. Let's not forget all of the grandmothers who will be truly touched to receive a pendant personalised with the first names of all of their grandchildren. This is a beautiful way for them to stay close to all of the little ones in the family all day every day. 

Give a personalised necklace

Looking for an original and truly unique gift? HappyBulle has what you need! Give a personalised necklace! With our wide range of personalised necklaces available in a multitude of shapes and materials, you are sure to delight your loved ones. For an emotional gift, personalise your necklace with your toddler's most beautiful drawing, their footprints or their first shaky written words. Surprise mums with a necklace personalised by their little one! You can of course also personalise your engraved necklace with first names, an expression that is close to your heart or a meaningful date, for example. Anything is possible! If your child isn't drawing yet, or if you simply want to personalise the reverse side of your medallion, consider our pretty illustrations in an exclusive design made by HappyBulle - there is a design for every taste here! Whatever the occasion, a personalised necklace is a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Give mum a beautiful heart-shaped pendant for truly heartfelt Mother's Day gift. As for dads, they can wear their little one's first "I love you daddy" with pride on their wrist or around their neck. All you have to do is choose the personalised necklace of your dreams! 

Offer a pendant personalised with your child's drawing

Discover our range of personalised pendants: in the shape of a heart, an open disccloud or even a star, our pendants will appeal to a wide audience. Make your pendant truly unique, by personalising it with your toddler's most beautiful drawing, his first shaky written words or his foot prints - the result is truly superb! You can also personalise your pendant with first names, a meaningful date or an expression that is close to your heart. If you are lacking inspiration, we offer illustrations in the exclusive HappyBulle design. Anything is possible with these personalised pendants. Available in a multitude of materials such as silver, gold plating, mother of pearl, plexiglas, bamboo or even stainless steel, these personalised pendants can be adapted to suit any wish! Even men will find something they are looking for, thanks to our range of men's personalised pendants. Imagine your toddler's pride when seeing his dad wearing his masterpiece! By giving a personalised pendant to mums, grandmorthers, godmothers or dads for a birthday or for Christmas, you are sure to bring joy! This is an emotion-filled gift that will make an impact on the entire family! 

Mother's Day gift ideas and pendants

Look no further! You have found the perfect gift for the next Mother's Day. Give a Mother's Day pendant personalised with your child's first drawing. It is a gift that is full of love, which will melt mums' hearts. If your toddler cannot draw yet, we offer illustrations in the exclusive HappyBulle design - mums will love wearing a "Super Maman" personalised Mother's Day pendant. With our range of wooden or acrylic pendants, those on a small budget will also find something of appeal. Cut and engraved in our workshop thanks to the extreme precision made possible by lasers, these pendants can be adapted to suit any wishes. It will make an original gift for aunties, godmothers, and even for dads! For your little darling's next birthday, give her a star pendant personalised with her first name or date of birth. She will be proud to wear a personalised star pendant around her neck. It is of course also available for mums, in gold plating or silver, the choice is yours!