Personalised pins

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised gifts and jewellery for all the family!

Give the most beautiful of gifts! A gift personalised with your child's drawing! HappyBulle offers the chance to personalise an entire range of men's and ladies' jewellery, key rings, accessories and decorative objects with your children's drawings. 

Personalised gifts

A unique and emotion-filled personalised gift idea for all the family. Don't hesitate anymore - give her a piece of HappyBulle jewellery for Valentine's Day. What could be more precious for a mum than to wear the most beautiful work of her little artist with her every day? Hand-crafted jewellery, whether elegant and discreet or a touch more flashy, for an unforgettable Mother's Day or Grandmother's Day. Dads will also be able to proudly sport their offspring's most beautiful drawing. You can choose from an entire range of customisable men's key rings and jewellery. An original Father's Day gift for proud dads or doting grandpas. For teachers and nannies, HappyBulle has come up with a wide range of personalised accessories at an affordable price: key rings, pocket mirrors, book marks and magnets of all colours. Truly unique personalised gifts that will make people jealous!

Give a gift bracelet

If you want to give joy to your loved ones, have you considered a gift bracelet? Discover our range of gift bracelets and give a unique and emotion-filled gift. For Christmas, a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a baptism or any other occasion, personalise a gift bracelet. There are a host of ways to personalise your gift bracelet. You can engrave a child's drawing, a short text, hand or foot prints, a meaningful date, one or multiple first names or indeed an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design. Mums will long cherish their gift bracelet personalised by their children. Dads will also go completely mad for a gift like this. Imagine your child's pride when he sees that you cherish his gift bracelet. We carry a wide range of gift bracelets. You can go for a nylon bracelet, a stainless steel bangle bracelet, a bracelet in a Liberty of London pattern or a chain bracelet. You can go for a medallion in gold plating, in silver, in stainless steel or in acrylic. You will have gathered that the gift bracelet offers plenty of options with which to guarantee a gift that is sure to be a success.