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Plexiglas jewellery

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised acrylic jewellery!

Discover our laser-engraved acrylic jewellery for an incomparable finish! Elegant jewellery made from Plexiglas, which is brilliant and transparent like glass, with exceptional light play. Engraved acrylic bracelets and pendants that can be personalised with your children's drawings, their hand prints or the text of your choice.For a truly unique will serve as a lucky charm.

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Plexiglas jewellery

Discover our collection of engraved acrylic jewellery, which you can personalise with the drawing or text of your choice. You will be astounded by their transparency and shine.

On an acrylic medallion, your child's drawing will take on a whole new dimension. The light will reflect in the engraving for a light effect like none you have ever seen and will bring out your child's drawing perfectly.

These contemporary pieces of designer jewellery will delight trendy mums. An engraved bracelet or a medallion for Mother's Day? This is an unmissable personalised gift idea! Engreave your children's first names, their dates of birth, their hand prints or one of their most beautiful drawings. And why not photograph his first "I love you mummy" and immortalise his first written words on a piece of personalised plexiglas jewellery?! This personalised acrylic jewellery in original and elegant shapes will go with any outfit.

The personalised acrylic jewellery are laser engraved in our workshop using artisanal methods. The personalisation possibilities are endless... let your imagination run free and become the craftsman of a unique piece of jewellery.

Acrylic, also known as plexiglas or PMMA to the more scientifically-minded, is an unbreakable and very light material that boasts the same shine as glass. It is also an emerging trend as a material for jewellery. 

Discover our plexiglas jewellery

For a truly unique piece of lucky jewellery, discover our plexiglas jewellery that can be personalised with your children's drawings. Cut and engraved in our workshop, the plexiglass jewellery will amaze you with its resistance and brilliance. Plexiglas offers an unparalleled light effects and white engraving, which contrasts perfectly against the skin. Trendy mums will love a bracelet in coloured cord or a heart-shaped pendant personalised with their little one's most beautiful drawing. Dads will of course also find something of appeal in this range of Plexiglas jewellery - they will be proud to wear a bracelet engraved with the first "I love you daddy" written by their little one's hand. You can also personalise this plexiglas jewellery with names, a meaningful date or even your favourite expression. With laser precision, each engraving is really showcased. Let your imagination run wild! For an affordable gift, consider our animals, fantasy and origami collections - this jewellery in the exclusive made by Happybulle design will have a wide appeal! With this plexiglas jewellery you have the perfect gift for the next Mother's Day, birthday or Christmas. 

Give a piece of plexiglas jewellery

Discover our range of plexiglas jewellery and give an emotion-filled gift. Thanks to HappyBulle, you can personalise a piece of plexiglas jewellery in various ways, to make it a truly unique piece of jewellery. Choose a plexiglas jewellery model and personalise it as you see fit. We will laser engrave your personalisation onto the plexiglass medallion. The laser engraved finish is astonishing! You can engrave one of your child's drawings, your toddler's hand or foot print, a name or names, a sweet word, a pictogram or indeed an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design onto your plexiglas jewellery .
Give a piece of plexiglas jewellery ito mark any occasion: for Christmas, for a birthday, for Mother's Day. father's Day or for any special occasion. Mums will love the heart-shaped plexigla pendants, they will also love the coloured cord bracelets or our plexiglas earrings. Dads will just love a cord bracelet. Don't wait any longer - grab your mouse and personalise your plexiglas jewellery. To give away or as a treat for yourself, a piece of plexiglas jewellery will be a perfect gift!