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Discover our little imperfections: eco-responsible and anti-waste jewellery
designed from these slightly "imperfect" medals. In an eco-responsible approach we have decided to give them a second life at a very low price.
to give them a second life at a very low price.

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Animals illustrated collection

Discover our collection of costume animal jewellery for children with an exclusive HappyBulle design!

Imagined and laser cut in our Bordeaux workshop, these costume jewellery in the shape of animals for children will make you fall in love! Pendants and bracelets for children in original materials such as bamboo or plexiglass, which will surely please your toddler. To please your little angel for Christmas or her birthday, give her the costume jewellery of her choice. Cat, little bear, frog, chick, fox, mouse, etc. It's up to you to choose your child's favourite animal. We take care of the rest !