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HappyBulle offers a pre-personalised collection of engraved jewellery and accessories!

With this range, featuring an exclusive HappyBulle design, you are sure to bring joy. Let your little one choose her favourite bracelet from among the many collections... and treat yourself to the matching pendant necklace! And for dad? a wooden key ring of course! So will you give in to the elegance and transparency of the acrylic jewellery or will you let yourself be tempted by the natural style and caramel hue of the bamboo jewellery?

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HappyBulle collections

Discover our collection of engraved jewellery in a unique design, made by HappyBulle. With their originally shaped medallions, these pieces of jewellery will really appeal to both young and old. Available in adult or child sizes, but also in a host of colours for the bracelets, you are sure to find something you like.

This heart-warming engraved jewellery is made in or workshop from plexiglas or bamboo. All you have to do is choose your favourite. Nature lovers will adore our wooden medallions and their soft caramel colour, but most importantly, bamboo is eco-responsable! If you prefer a more contemporary material, choose one of our acrylic medallions, its strength and visual properties comparable to those of glass will astound you. The Plexiglas reveals a beautiful white engraving that will contrasts perfectly with your skin. In short, there is something for everyone!

This is a perfect gift for a mum, a granny or a godmother, whether for a birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas. But any opportunity is a good one when it comes to please the people you love! Little girls also love wearing this jewellery, so why not give them the same engraved jewellery? They will be so proud to we wear the same bracelet or pendant as their mother.