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Children's personalised cord bracelet

Thanks to HappyBulle, transform your toddler's designs into personalised cord bracelets for children!

Fresh and colorful, our personalised cord bracelets for children are original jewellery that your toddlers will love to wear on their wrist daily. To personalise these delightful jewels, choose the type of engraving of your choice: the drawing of which your little one is the most proud, his handprints, a quote or simply his first name accompanied by his date of birth. These personalised cord bracelets for children are perfect gifts to offer without moderation to your little angel for Christmas or his next birthday for example.

Discover our personalized cord bracelets for children:

Children also have the right to their personalised cord bracelet! Your little ones will be so proud to wear a personalised children's cord bracelet engraved with their most beautiful work on their wrists every day! Thanks to HappyBulle, you will surely find your happiness: elastic cord bracelet for children, glittery cord child bracelet, braided nylon cord bracelet for children, duo of mum / children bracelets, etc. You will be sure to please your toddler with one of our many personalised cord bracelets for children. Available in many colors, our personalised cord bracelets for children will appeal to little girls as well as little boys. Our swatches of braided nylon cords ranging from neon yellow to chocolate for little guys, and candy pink to golden ivory for little princesses will delight all children. Whether they are personalised with love by parents or in complicity with their little blond head, these personalised cord bracelets for children are personalised gifts unique in the world to be offered without moderation for a birthday, Christmas or for a successful back to school.