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Teacher gifts

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised gifts for teachers!

The month of June is fast approaching… Say "Thank you teacher" with a piece of engraved jewellery, wooden & plexiglas jewellery or accessories. This unique gift will be personalised with your child's drawing, hand print or first name! 

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Say thank you

To say thank you to your child's school teacher, give him an on-trend hand-designed gift, at an affordable price.With the help of your budding artist, send the sweetest of drawings to HappyBulle! The family workshop in Bordeaux will be delighted to transform and sublimate it in a unique piece of jewellery or and accessory. The effort made will deeply affect the teacher who has spent the school year looking after your little ones. This special moment of emotion will allow you to thank the teacher for her hard work, her smile and her availability. Delighted to have received this touching gift, the teacher will remember your little darling for years to come, whether in nursery or primary school. As for the child, he will be proud to have contributed to the design of a gift that is filled with emotion. Now get creating... success is guaranteed!

Teacher gift

Yippee... the holidays are almost here! The holidays mean freedom for children, but they are also sad to leave their friends and their teacher. Thank the teacher or classroom assistant for looking after your child so well throughout the year...

Make a change from the traditional flowers and chocolates! Stirring up teacher's emotions is simple... give her a small gift personalised by your child, to simply say "Thank you teacher"! Choose an engraved gift that will make an impression... a gift that she will never have seen throughout her entire career! Showcase a drawing that your child has created for the occasion, a phrase or a poem engraved onto a key ring, a pen case or a notebook...

The goodbyes will remain engraved in her memory and your child will be truly proud to give one of his drawings to his teacher. 

Offer a personalised teacher gift

With the end of the school year fast approaching, thank teacher for being so attentive to your children by giving her a personalised teacher gift. The teacher will be really moved when she receives her personalised teacher gift. She will melt - it's a guarantee. We offer a wide range of personalised teacher gifts. Go for an engravable wooden pen box. You can engrave the children's handwritten names onto the box, as well as a few kind words for the teacher. In our range of personalised teacher gifts you will also find our pretty personalisable notebooks and several key rings made of wood, stainless steel or acrylic, onto which you can engrave the children's drawings, their first names, a few terms of endearment or an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design. No jealousy, it also works for male teachers, nannies and classroom assistants. Our range of personalised teacher gifts offers a large number of choices to create the perfect gift for the person who has taken care of your little one throughout the year. For a personalised teacher gift at a low price, consider our "Super Maitresse" engraved medallion bracelet in acrylic. This pretty bracelet is fun and discrete. No need to panic, it also exists for nannies, male teachers and classroom assistants.

Give a Thank You Teacher bracelet

The teacher has taken care of your little darling throughout the year and you want to say thank you? Give her a Thank You Teacher bracelet! Our collection of Thank You Teacher bracelets offer several options to help you find the right gift to say thank you to the teacher. Furthermore, the bracelets in our range of Thank You teacher bracelets can also be adapted for male teachers, nannies and classroom assistants. You can give a thank you teacher to anyone who has taken care of your child. Our range of Thank You teacher bracelets consists of our special edition "Super Maitresse" (Super Teacher), "Super Nounou" (Super Nanny) and "Super ATSEM" (Super Classroom Assistant) engraved medallion bracelets in acrylic. These bracelets will make the perfect gift at an affordable price. Within our range of Thank You teacher bracelets we also offer bracelets with wooden or acrylic medallions. These bracelets can be personalised with a child's drawing, his first name, a sweet word or an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design. The bracelet can be made from nylon or genuine Liberty of London. Don' put it off, get to work on your keyboard and mouse and personalise a Thank You Teacher bracelet that will bring her to tears.