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Discover our little imperfections: eco-responsible and anti-waste jewellery
designed from these slightly "imperfect" medals. In an eco-responsible approach we have decided to give them a second life at a very low price.
to give them a second life at a very low price.

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Wooden jewellery

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into engraved and personalised wooden jewellery!

Discover our laser-engraved wooden jewellery for an outstanding finish! Elegant and lightweight bamboo jewellery that is resistant to water. Engraved wooden bracelets and pendants that can be personalised with your children's drawings, their hand prints or the text of your choice.For a unique piece of jewellery that will serve as a lucky charm.

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Bamboo jewellery

Who could resist the charm and elegance of these little pieces of bamboo jewellery? Each piece of bamboo jewellery is a unique creation, made to your specification. Bamboo is a material that is in keeping with an environmental approach, as it boasts a positive eco-balance in spite of its extensive use. With its range of engraved wooden jewellery, HappyBulle adopts an ecological and natural approach.

Bamboo, a symbol of vitality, is a material that fascinates on account of its beauty and its light weight. It is also a very hard material, resistant to heat and water.

The originality of this engraved bamboo jewellery will astound you. The bamboo bracelets with cords in fresh colours will give a boost to your outfits. The Liberty models are perfectly suited for cool and feminine mums.

This personalised wooden jewellery fascinates on account of its simplicity and exoticism. Its original forms set it apart from anything you have ever seen before: the teardrop, rectangle, small squares - there is something for every taste. These unique models will delight mums as a gift for Mother's Day, Christmas or a birthday . Whether its for an eco mum, a nature-loving mum or just your wee mum, don't put off getting her a piece of personalised bamboo jewellery.

Engrave your little one's hand or foot print for a heart-warming necklace that is filled with emotion. Your little one's first stick man deserves his moment of fame! Wear him proudly around your neck on an engraved bamboo medallion. Imagine the pride your little artist will feel to see you wearing his masterpiece!

Give one of our pieces of wooden jewellery

Discover our range of wooden jewellery and give a unique and emotion-filled gift. To give to someone else or as a treat for yourself, the bracelets or pendants from our range of wooden jewellery make perfect gifts! Nature lovers will be delighted to wear a piece of jewellery made from an eco-responsable material! The medallions on our wooden jewellery can be personalised according to your preference. There are so many possibilities. You can engrave a drawing by your child, one or multiple first names, a meaningful date, a sweet word, one or multiple hand or foot prints and even an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design onto your wooden medallion. You're going to love personalising and presenting one of our pieces of wooden jewellery. Give the gift of a pendant or bracelet from amongst our wooden jewellery to mark any occasion: for Christmas, Mother's Day, a birthday or a special occasion. Our wooden jewellery offers beautiful natural tones. The engraving darkens the natural colour of the bamboo, and the mix of tones is superb. We guarantee that she will love your gift! 

Discover our wooden jewellery

Discover our range of wooden jewellery in the exclusive Happybulle design. Original and elegant, this wooden jewellery has all it takes to charm you. Bamboo is a responsible and ecological material, and its positive eco-balance will delight nature-lovers. However, we lover this wooden jewellery first and foremost for its aesthetic qualities: the caramel tone of the bamboo offers beautiful natural colours. Engraving darkens the wood and produces a superb mix of tones. You'll love it! Each piece of wooden jewellery is of course customisable. A child's drawing, hand or foot prints, a first name... Anything is possible thanks to the extreme precision of the laser! Imagine your toddler's pride when seeing his mum wearing his most beautiful work of art. All you have to do is choose your wooden jewellery: a bracelet in genuine Liberty of London, a heart-shaped pendant, a bangle with a cloud-shaped medallions... there is something for every taste! A piece of personalised wooden jewellery is the perfect gift for an emotion-filled Mother's Day, for a successful birthday or to bring joy to dads next Christmas.

Offer of a wooden pendant

For a truly unique gift, offer a wooden pendant engraved with your child's drawing. Mums will be so proud to wear a wooden pendant personalised by their little one. This range of wooden pendants stands apart on account of the originality of the medallion shapes, but also due to its material: bamboo. We particularly appreciate its durability, but also the pretty natural tones. You will be able to personalise your wooden pendant with first names, an expression that is close to your heart, a meaningful date... you could also consider taking your little one's foot or hand prints - the result is so sweet. Thanks to laser precision, all the details of the prints will be revealed in the engraving., the rendering is stunning! If you are lacking inspiration, we offer the animals, fantasy and origami collections of wooden pendants in the exclusive Happybulle design. Little girls will lover these pendants in the shape of a unicorn, a cat or a mermaid, of this there is no doubt! Whatever the occasion: christmas, a birthday, Mother's Day, give an emotion-filled wooden pendant and make an impact on your loved ones!