Wooden jewellery and Plexiglas jewellery

HappyBulle transforms your children's drawings into personalised wooden jewellery and Plexiglas jewellery. Discover our bracelets and pendants in engraved bamboo, for a nature-inspired style, or our range of personalised Plexiglas jewellery for a high-precision finish. Hand-crafted and personalised jewellery, for a truly unique gift!

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HappyBulle, creator of original jewellery

So you're a fan of original jewellery and want to give a truly unique gift. You are in the right place! At HappyBulle we offer a wide range of original jewellery that can be personalised according to your preference. What makes our jewellery original? The material used to make the jewellery of course! We offer a range of jewellery with wooden medallions as well as a range with plexiglas medallions. You also have enough traditional silver and gold-plated jewellery? Come and check out our original jewellery as soon as possible. A feature that sets it apart from traditional jewellery, our original jewellery is made from materials that are rarely used in jewellery design. You already have enough traditional silver and gold-plated jewellery? You can engrave our original jewellery in various ways, and let your imagination run free. For an original result, consider using your little artist's first drawing or perhaps his hand print. Our original jewellery is laser engraved using an artisanal technique, producing a very delicate engraved finish. 

Give trendy jewellery with Happulley

Do you want to give a truly unique gift? Go for one of our trendy pieces of jewellery! At HappyBulle we offer a complete range of trendy jewellery. Natural and original, our laser engraved jewellery are a change from traditional jewellery. They will please lovers of new trends. As with the entire range of HappyBulle jewellery, our trendy jewellery can be personalised according to your preference. Engrave the medallion with one of your child's drawings, a short and sweet, one or multiple first names, a pictogram or an illustration in the exclusive Happybulle design. Whether for someone else or as a treat for yourself, our trendy jewellery will make an original gift. In every situation, whatever the occasion, for Christmas, a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Valentine's Day, HappyBulle trendy jewellery will be the perfect partner when surprising a loved one. Don't wait any longer - grab your mouse and personalise one of our pieces of trendy jewellery. It's very simple! What's more, we guarantee that you'll love it!  

Discover our natural jewellery

Discover our natural jewellery and give a truly unique gift for any occasion. At HappyBulle we are friends of nature. We attribute great importance to the environment. With this in mind, we offer an entire range of natural jewellery. Consisting of wooden medallions, our natural jewellery are geneuinely environmentally friendly pieces. The wood has a positive eco-balance, while the production of the natural jewellery follows an ecological approach. Like the rest of our creations, the natural jewellery is personalisable according to your preference. You can engrave our natural jewellery with your toddler's first stick man, one or multiple first names, a short phrase that is close to your heart, a hand/foot print or an illustration in an exclusive HappyBulle design. The natural jewellery range is huge: you'll love a cord bracelet and its delicate wooden medallion or a pretty wooden pendant. It's now over to you - grab your mouse and personalise the piece of natural jewellery of your dreams. We guarantee that you'll love it! 

Discover our laser-engraved jewellery

At HappyBulle, we offer personalisable jewellery in original materials. In addition to classic jewellery, we offer natural jewellery and original jewellery, all part of our laser engraved jewellery range. As with all HappyBulle products, you can personalise your laser-engraved jewellery. A drawing, one or multiple first names, a short text that is close to your heart, a pictogram or an illustration in the exclusive made by Happybulle design. There are so many possibilities, all you have to do is let your imagination run free. Your chosen personalisation will be transcribed onto the medallion using our laver engraving procedure. This laser engraving procedure ensures a nice and very fine engraved finish. Drawings are perfectly replicated on the medallions - we can reproduce every small detail in your child's drawing. Wait and see - you will be astonished by the precision of our laser engraving. On wooden medallions laser engraving offers a very aesthetically pleasing finish. The laser darkens the bamboo to create a pretty mix of tones. On the plexiglas medallions laser engraving unveils the full original nature of our creations.